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We value our patients' experience at Functional Health Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Jared Allomong
Your Longmont Chiropractor

My name is Sunny and I am currently being treated by Dr. Jared Allomong. Over the last 18 months I have experienced great improvement in my overall health. When I first saw Dr. Jared, he diagnosed me with a form of celiac disease (leaky gut syndrome) in which he successfully treated within three months or less. Ever since I was a young child; I have suffered from food (dairy and wheat gluten), environmental, as well as seasonal allergies which we have been able to manage without having to take traditional allergy medicine (Benadryl and Sudafed). I am even able to eat some of those items without recourse. Currently, we have been addressing my Hypothyroidism and are making progress to regulate my thyroid and hormones. In addition, he has addressed some flare ups I have had with an old wrist injury via rapid release and adjustments. I have seen several chiropractors since I was 10 years old and Dr. Jared Allomong is by far the most thorough chiropractor I have seen. I would highly recommend Dr. Jared Allomong for medical, structural, dietary, allergy, neuromuscular, and maintaining overall health.


Over the past 20 years, I have been diagnosed with vertigo, IBS, Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, irritable bladder, and the list goes on. I was in constant pain and exhausted all the time and it seemed like the list of ailments kept growing. I saw countless specialists and spent thousands of dollars on testing and medications. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Jared.

Dr. Jared reviewed my history, blood tests, and really listened. He took the time to explain my results and walk me through kinesiology and started me on some supplements. He was also able, just by listening to my history, to figure out that my body had a food histamine intolerance. Once I removed these foods from my diet the aching and constant pain became minimal. All along I thought the pain was Fibromyalgia. 20 years of pain and aching was drastically reduced by leaps and bound in only a matter of 2 weeks. I truly couldn't believe it was happening or that it was possible to feel good again.

Over the course of 2 years Dr. Jared has helped me eliminate and/or control many of my physical and emotional issues through the use of kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and chiropractic. He has educated me on how and why my body is responding and how to adjust my lifestyle to improve my physical and emotional health. He is compassionate, kind, and dedicated to his patients. I am grateful every day that he gave me my quality of life back.


I suffered from dietary issues and inflammation issues resulting in headaches and vertigo. I have been struggling with this for over 13 years and have been on disability due to these issues. Even with an average of 6 doctors/month, 15 types of medication, nothing worked.

At its worst, I was bed-bound for up to 6 months at a time. On a scale of 1-10, the pain was a 10 as the room was spinning and I had migraines up to 14 days a month. It ended my job, my marriage, friendships, I couldn’t do anything! Life stopped.

Dr. Jared came highly recommended by someone I met last summer whose life he changed. I had seen every neurologist, ENT, internal specialist, acupuncturist, and chiropractor that was recommended. With Doctor Jared, there has been steady progress over the last couple moths. I started working again last month, part-time, I can drive, and I started socializing again. I have been able to start exercising. Jared has helped me with diet resulting in losing pounds I haven’t been able to before, and increased my immune system. Not only am I starting to entertain traveling again (as I couldn’t get on a plane for the last 10 years) but I’m regaining confidence, laughter, and hope for the first time in years.


I came to see Dr. Jared on a recommendation after suffering from neurological issues from radiation, digestion problems, and much more. I had cancer treatments over 15 years ago and have tried many things to take care of the after symptoms. I struggled with walking and my digestion was unpredictable so it was difficult to be more than a few minutes from a bathroom. Since working with Dr. Jared I have started to feel so much better and am now hopeful that a "normal" life is in my future. Having dealt with terminal cancer, I now feel better health and wellness is unfolding! My nerves are waking back up and digestion is better than it has been in years


2014, with back and neck pain from a car accident, a brain injury from being bucked off a horse, and chronically overactive immune system. I was a MESS! Traditional Western Medicine doctors recommended long term use of pain medications and immune suppressant drugs, and I decided I wanted an healthier alternative. Luckily , I noticed a friend of mine had lost weight, and she was looking really healthy; she told me she was seeing Dr. Jared. So I decided to see if Dr. Jared could offer ways for my health to improve without drugs. And he DID have "a treasure chest" of healthy solutions, based on his impressive understanding of how the body systems function together. He specifically developed a plan for what I needed to get better, (not the usual genetic "less try this and see what happens" approach.) WOW!!! Dr Jared is an amazing chiropractor, his adjustments are truly beneficial, and they hold. He is an amazing Kinesiologist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, and in just four months, the supplements he has recommended have corrected my digestive issues, and reduced my inflammation and joint pain and swelling significantly. I highly recommend Dr. Jared to anyone who wants a holistic approach to their health care.


I discovered Dr. Jared through a blog that recommended him for the treatment of Hashimoto’s disease. For the last 4 years, I’ve suffered from Hashimoto’s disease, daily pain, extreme fatigue, foggy brain, abdominal pain, insomnia, night sweats and more. These symptoms were so severe I became disabled and housebound. I had been working with conventional medical doctors with little success. All I received was medication to suppress my symptoms. Dr. Jared confirmed I had a severe case of Hashimoto’s disease among other issues. Steadily, over a period of some months, several of my symptoms disappeared with his treatment protocol. By taking one natural supplement, 8 months of severe abdominal pain disappeared in one day! Dr. Jared was able to accurately diagnose all of my medical conditions and applied a treatment plan that did not suppress my symptoms but healed my body. As my condition was severe, this took some time. Yet out of seeing over a dozen doctors, Dr. Jared is the only person who has been able to reduce or eliminate my symptoms. I am very grateful and impressed by his talent and abilities.


I am very pleased with the chiropractic support I receive from Dr. Jared. I've been a client for many years. He's very knowledgeable, caring and gentle. He is sincerely interested in finding the least pervasive method or approach to adjusting your spine, or any other part of the body that needs a little or a lot of attention. I highly recommend that if you're looking for a different approach to your health issues that you give him a try.