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Cold Laser

We use cold laser therapy quite often in our office. Its uses range from wound healing to inflammation control and even helps getting over colds. Cold, or low-level lasers, use the flow of photonic energy to stimulate your cells for inflammation reduction, increase blood

flow, regenerate cells, and increase cellular energy production. The cold laser is used in quantum neurology because of its influence on nerve conduction.


The percussor is a device with a high vibration frequency giving a deep, powerful massage effect. It has various attachments allowing us to roll out tight muscles, target a small specific area, stimulate organs, and relieve muscle pain.

Rapid Release

The Rapid Release is a low amplitude, high speed vibration therapy. Because this tool vibrates at such a quick pace, it is ideal for Scar Tissue Therapy™ which targets adhesions to relieve soft tissue problems. 

Flexion / Distraction

The flexion / distraction table is very helpful for low back pain and mild to moderate disc herniations. Spinal tension and disc compression is a major risk factor for low back degeneration and disc herniation. The flexion / distraction table can be used to create passive traction and decompression of the lumbar joints for healthy spinal motion.