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Chronic Allergies

Do you suffer from chronic allergies?

Many doctors rarely talk about how the allergy process actually works and how many people with chronic allergies actually have histamine intolerance. In the human body histamine, the messenger of the allergy response, is produced every day in response to our environment.

Luckily our body has two of its own chemicals to break the messenger down and prevent a full blown allergy response. This savior chemical, called Histamine DAO is produced mainly in the digestive tract, and gets absorbed into your blood stream. Many people with actual histamine intolerance fail to produce enough DAO to degrade the histamine being produced. This kind of person unfortunately will always have high histamine levels in the blood and thus chronic allergy like responses.

The good news for those of you who suffer with symptoms like this, is you can repair the digestive system and replace DAO to improve all your allergies. If you suffer with this kind of problem I would highly recommend calling into the office and meeting with me. This could change your life and health forever.