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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a test of the integrity of the nervous system. Input from our senses travels through the nervous system to the brain. The brain uses electrical impulses to carry out actions that are influenced by input. If input is defective, the out-going electrical impulses will be defective. Meaning we can test the response of an isolated muscle, to see if this action is impeded. Applied Kinesiology can capture disruptions in the strength and integrity of the nervous system through the noticeable weakness in the muscles.
The nervous system is a very complex electrical system and thus operates much like the electrical circuits of your house. If a light is not receiving a sufficient electrical current, you might see the lights flickering or not turn on at all. The result is an impaired electrical output. Electrical signal can also be impeded at other points of the journey with the same results, poor output. The body’s nervous system works very similarly. If there is interference anywhere along the neurological signal, then the body cannot produce good output. This weakness in output can be detected with an isolated muscle resistance test.
Interferences that can be detected with Applied Kinesiology

  • Spine and joint dysfunction
  • Muscle damage and/or imbalances
  • Inflammation
  • neurological stress from poor posture
  • Poor circulation
  • eficiency of a sense (hearing, sight, etc.)
  • Weakness of an organ system
  • Hormonal dysfunction
  • Immune sensitivities to food and the environment

The Threshold of neurological tolerance for adaptability

Neurological tolerance is the amount of actions and processes your brain can handle. If the threshold of tolerance is exceeded, weakness of the nervous system will occur. If there is dysfunction of a nerve or sense, tolerance decreases and a smaller amount of input can create significant weakness. Applied Kinesiology is the physical observation of this weakness. Applied Kinesiology is also used to stimulate different neurological pathways to check for a normal threshold of tolerance. It is literally a process of using the function of your nervous system to assess health and stability versus dysfunction.
Applied Kinesiology also incorporates strategies and techniques to help remove harmful interferences from the nervous system which improves the neurological tolerance and the body’s own ability to heal.