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Attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder is a neurological disability that is primarily known for its diagnosis in school aged children but is something that impacts many adults as well. Although a cause is not determined, AD(H)D, shows evidence of being a genetically passed disorder produced by a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters. In our office we use the Quantum Neurology (hyperlink to techniques page) protocol that Dr. Jared has trained in to address each nerve root for its proper function. Using stimuli, we are able to reset the nerve roots to allow each neurotransmitter a more stable environment to properly function.

By doing this our patients note a significant improvement in symptoms of themselves or their children. However, because the nerve root is not programmed correctly when we initially discover it, it takes time to retrain it to staying improved. Many times, symptoms will reappear and after resetting, decline again and will gradually increase the amount of time that your body will hold the reset. Our goal is to see you in a month to six weeks after consistent stability and be able to challenge the nerve roots through the nervous system and the nerve roots still be functioning correctly. Along with the QN protocol, we also have many nutritional supplements to support individual neurological chemicals as well as whole brain health.