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Fibromyalgia is an extremely misdiagnosed and misunderstood condition. People suffering from fibromyalgia tend to experience several seemingly isolated symptoms such as anxiety or depression, extreme fatigue, body pain, and extreme tenderness. Many times the first appointment with such symptoms are treated like a cold/flu or mononucleosis. After further testing and no improvement in symptoms, a patient is left confused. Because there is no cure for fibromyalgia and medical treatment typically includes a trial and error of a prescription cocktail to address all the symptoms, patients are left for months suffering with lifestyle altering effects. Functional medicine and applied kinesiology allow the doctor to begin a full body analysis to figure out what systems are being impacted.

70% of our body’s immune system lives in our digestive tract. Many times it is the first place to investigate with patients presenting with fibromyalgia. A lack of healthy gut bacteria allows the immune system to overreact to many things, which is why this particular condition presents in so many ways and is known for its flare ups. An overactive immune system works hand in hand with an inflammatory response which is where you see the aches and pains and overall tenderness come in to play. Triggering an inflammatory response can be done by allergy exposure, toxins, autoimmune disease, injury, infection, or systemic stress. When we work with fibromyalgia patients, we choose to support their entire body and underlying causes and triggers instead of treating symptoms.