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Our Philosophy

Here at Functional Health Center, we believe that personal healthcare should include an integrated alternative approach for the support of vitality and prevention of disease. We use an integrated system for assessing and addressing the functions of the nervous system and the 6 metabolic deal-breakers. By using this combined approach we are able to be patient centered and focused on finding the underlying cause behind most health concerns.

To understand this approach it is important to know that the nervous system coordinates and controls all functions of the body and the threshold of neurological tolerance gauges how well the body can repair and heal itself. The nervous system can only handle so much negative stress before it loses its ability to adapt and disease can manifest. For this reason we assess the environmental factors that can over stress the nervous system and prevent healing. These factors are emotional stress, spinal dysfunction, food intolerance, allergies, and toxins. In addition it is important to consider family history and genetics.

In addition to assessing the nervous system and environmental factors, it is also necessary to address any of the six metabolic deal-breakers. The six metabolic deal-breakers are physiological functions within the body that must be stable to by healthy. These deal-breakers, when out of balance have global effects throughout the body. They are the most important functions to resolve when trying to improve any chronic condition. In the office we combine questionnaires, lab work, functional tests, and applied kinesiology to create an accurate and reliable way to manage the metabolic deal-breakers. 

We believe that many health concerns can greatly improve by following these basic steps:

Assess what environmental factors are stressing the nervous system

  • Remove or change the environmental stressors
  • Assess the 6 metabolic deal-breakers
  • Support the healing process naturally
  • Strengthen the nervous system
  • Allow the body to heal

How powerful would it be if medicine spent 80% of the time teaching you how to prevent disease instead of 100% of the time treating acute illness?

Functional Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, and Chiropractic are very effective at addressing many common health concerns. Visit our condition pages to better understand how we can support you.