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Chronic Fatigue

There are over 1 million Americans that deal with chronic fatigue. One of the hardest things with chronic fatigue is the struggle to understand the cause. Diagnosed cases have causes that range from viral infections to emotional stress. Common medical treatment includes sleep inducing and anti-anxiety medication, anti-depressants, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. In our office we like to address the other factors of chronic fatigue including emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, and other lifestyle changes.

It is important to realize that all cases of chronic fatigue involve a failure of the body to adapt to a stressful environmental factor, resulting in poor cellular energy production.

The energy production cells of the body are called mitochondria. The mitochondria are very unique in the fact that they contain a special set of DNA that are specific for energy production. Scientists are surprised at how sensitive the mitochondrial DNA are to damage from abnormal environmental irritants. For this reason, here at Functional Health Center we assess the many environmental factors known to cause damage to our energy production system first when dealing with chronic fatigue.