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Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a technique that helps to pin point specific emotions and the original triggering events that continue to stress the nervous system. NET incorporates applied kinesiology, the Chinese meridian system, and traditional psychology principles. It has been observed in scientific studies that the body replicates the same physiology that occurred in an original event when we focus on it in the present. Many people may have harmful physiology connected to certain feelings or events. NET changes the nervous system’s response to that emotional trigger and helps remove the intensity and negative physiology these strong emotions create. NET will not resolve the issue itself, but it is designed to take the charge off of emotions or events which allows a more logical thought process.

Neuro Emotional Technique is a powerful system to help identify and remove the physical response to stressful events and emotions. 

Have you ever wondered if your physical body ailments are stress related? NET is a tool that can answer that very question and help resolve the specific emotions and events that are connected to the ailment. 

The NET website has a thorough description of every aspect of this technique and is great resource if you would like to know more.