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I am a Cum Laude graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic. I hold additional certifications in Applied Kinesiology, N.E.T., Functional Analysis of Blood Chemistry, Endocrinology, and Neurology.

My Chiropractic journey began in high school, when I suffered an injury at a basketball practice. I was struck in the neck by a strong pass while I was looking away. Immediately I could not turn my head to the left. I was taken directly to the chiropractor. He was very patient and caring and within the next two days I was back to a full range of motion in my neck with little pain. It was amazing how quickly I healed from such a serious injury. I chose after that experience to pursue chiropractic as a career.

After my first year of chiropractic school, I discovered a different technique of analysis, Applied Kinesiology. I was fascinated by the concept of asking the body what is wrong and using the nervous system to get a response. By using this method along with blood work, hormone testing, digestive panels and chiropractic, I could explore the real nature of our physical problems. I also learned how to help a multitude of other conditions not generally treated effectively by western medicine.

While I was studying Applied Kinesiology, I was also introduced into a new cutting edge technique, Neuro Emotion Technique, referred to as N.E.T. I experienced the efficacy of this technique in my first exposure. I had recently ended a relationship, and was having a hard time keeping food down when in her presence. This had been happening for a couple of weeks. I got the N.E.T. work done and that very evening I had dinner with her with no more problems. After that experience, I began to realize the incredible power our emotions have over our body and its functions. N.E.T. addresses an aspect of health not even considered by our medical community. My practice is now designed to address the body in a holistic way, focused on the primary causes of our patient’s major health concerns. We call this new type of approach functional medicine with the goal to prevent disease by treating the root cause of any problem with the body.

I enjoy studying health and spending my free time enjoying all the mountains have to offer: backpacking, biking, snow shoeing, and tossing the frisbee around in the Grass Roots Ultimate League. I feel blessed to live in Longmont and to have the opportunity to serve our community with this unique form of healthcare.

I want you to refer and continue to refer patients to me because every person needs a caring Doctor who will take the time to assess the function of their whole body. We can help prevent diseases in the people you care about and everyone in our community here in Longmont. My personal promise to you here at Allomong Center of Applied Kinesiology is that I will treat you as if you were my own family with individual, thorough, and affordable care.